The HUMMER H4 is Electric

Updated: May 1, 2020

The EV Trend is UP

Electric Vehicles are the trend for the automotive industry moving into 2020. With this new trend, arguably ignited by Elon Musk and his Trailblazing company Tesla, a massive bandwagon movement has emerged. Inspiring companies like Porsche and Aston Martin to join the fight with their own EV sports cars. Then Tesla pushed the movement even further with the recent release of the Cybertruck. Now the big three are scrambling for a response in a phenomenon which I’m calling the “EV crunch”. The EV crunch, much like the SEMA Crunch concept, has current manufactures slapping together insane electric Truck concepts to bring to the table. The “Table” being the Detroit Auto Show. This is their chance to make waves in this new industry and formally snag a piece of the electric pie.

 Ford already has mustang fan boys pulling out their hair by the hand full with the mustang Mach-e Concept, said to be officially unveiled in Detroit this June. Along with this awkward Mustang branded Electric SUV, Ford already has an army of production ready Plugin F-150’s ready to flood the market. 

Dodge, or The Fiat/Chrysler Group, has been tossing around plans for a $4.5 billion investment into new plants in Detroit, most likely to keep up with the new EV market. They don’t necessarily have a definitive answer to the Cybertruck like ford does, and they seem to be a bit behind the curve with their focus on the E-Torque systems in the Ram. But we all know where Dodge’s focus has been for the past few years, the opposite of electric power. With so much emphasis being put on the SRT line of Dodge products. 

Now this leads us to the final of three Detroit big dogs, Chevy. Headlines are booming right now with talk of GM’s possible entry into the segment. From the surface it appears they are playing it safe by re-purposing an existing brand to test the waters of the EV truck market. Similar to how Ford is using the Mustang brand to apprehensively shill the Mach-e, GM is expected to breath new life into a lost but far form forgotten brand in the form of an Electric pick up truck to be adorn with the name HUMMER…

Beyond the Hummer


There’s no doubt that GM has other plans beyond the Hummer in this segment but reviving the once gas guzzling controversial symbol of excess as a Plugin EV Pick up has a bit of irony to it. The kind of irony that may contribute to a genius marketing campaign by the Detroit auto maker. However, the marketing genius doesn’t stop there. 

According to the WSJ, GM is planning to announce the new Hummer with a Super Bowl commercial staring LeBron James. This is an all-out attempt to dominate the electric truck market. They are covering all basses with this move. A legendary brand revival, ironic marketing, an NBA all-star, and god damn Super Bowl commercial! This is all the Hype GM needs to beat Tesla at their own game. Granted, that is if this is done eloquently and received well by potential buyers. 

What to Expect

So far there isn’t much information to go off as far as pricing or specs. Hell even looks for that matter. But looking at current trends and the DNA of past and present models in the GM line up might point us in the right direction of what to expect.

Hummer will be More Expensive than ever

Already it is known that the new Hummer isn’t expected to be carried out as a full-scale production situation. It’s safe to expect the EV Hummer to start out as a limited run vehicle and an expensive one at that. In 2006 the H3’s MSRP Started at nearly $30k which when adjusted for inflation would be nearly $40k now. This was the price tag before options, taxes, markups, and dealer fees. Now a new H3 would potentially set you back over $50k easy. Given that the hype surrounding the new Hummer will potentially be insane, I wouldn’t be surprised if the price tag starts over $60k. STARTS. This price tag isn’t far from reality considering the Hummer is expected to be a rugged off road capable vehicle and the off road title usually always comes with a hefty price. Just look at what a TRD Pro 4Runner retails for, just shy of 50 grand. And it doesn’t even have powered adjustable seats for Christ sake.

EV Hummer H4 Specs

As far as specs are concerned, the new hummer will need a stout battery setup similar to what being used in the cyber truck if they want this thing to compete. I have my doubts that it will be able to come close to matching the prowess of the Cybertruck but no ones been able to achieve efficiency like Tesla yet. I wouldn’t expect anything to spectacular in that regard.

Hummer EV Design

The design is also to be determined. Considering what GM already has to work with, a Tahoe chasis would be a safe bet. The Electric Hummer could resemble the Chevy Colorado Zr2 but more rugged. I would hope they would take this route, but I also didn’t think they’d turn the Blazer into an angular Traverse. I feel as though there are two ways that GM can take this. The Blazer route (which will not be received well) or the Hummer route and make what you would think the terminator would drive in 2020. The Mustang Mach-e route or the Jeep killer route. Let’s just hope we don’t see a swarm of electric mom cars with hummer grills hit the streets after 2022 when it’s expected to go on sale.

What do you want to see happen with the future of Hummer? Do you think the new Hummer will knock the Cybertruck off the radar? Let us know in the comments. Also check out the Korvidae Customs YouTube channel. Follow us on Instagram or Like us on Facebook. 


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