Meguiar’s Gold Class Review

Meguiar’s Gold Class Review – Premium Car Wash

A Household Name

Haven’t heard of Meguiar’s? You must’ve never set foot in any auto section of Walmart or been to Autozone in your life. For that, I am sorry. The Meguiar’s brand has their name on everything related to car care. In this Meguiar’s Gold Class Review I will be covering what I like about this product, how to use it, as well as links to where you can purchase some of your own. 

Meguiar’s line of car care products is pretty extensive. Waxes, tire cleaner, wheel cleaner, applicators, and even air fresheners. You’d be hard pressed to find a segment they haven’t already covered. Long story short, they know their stuff. Especially when it comes to car wash.

For now lets focus on Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash. I am a stickler when it comes to my cars cleanliness. Not unlike any other car guy out there. I have used so many different soaps throughout the years and these guys have hit the nail on the head with this product. 

Quality, Amount, Scent, Shine, Application, Price         Is what makes this product so easy to recommend.

PH Perfection

A lot of soaps on the market are degreasers that begin to strip away wax and polish and promote oxidation. For this reason, you should always select a premium pH-balanced, non-detergent car wash soap. This is why Korvidae recommends Gold Class Car Wash. When used as directed with proper dilution this soap will gently clean, boost gloss and preserve your wax protection.

Proper Cleaning Technique

Two bucket method: Meguiar’s recommends the ‘Two Bucket’ method in conjunction with a Grit Guard to reduce the chances of inflicting swirls into the paint. The two-bucket method makes use of one bucket for the wash solution and a second bucket with just plain water to use as a rinse for the wash mitt. 1. Use the soapy water bucket to pick up wash solution with the wash mitt and wash a section of the vehicle. 2. Dunk the wash mitt into the rinse bucket to remove any loose contaminants it may have picked up. 3. Rub your wash mitt across the Grit Guard and it will further collect debris to thoroughly clean the mitt. 4. Dunk the mitt back into the soapy water bucket and pick up fresh, uncontaminated wash solution and work on the next section. Consider putting an additional Grit Guard into the soapy water bucket as an added safety precaution.

Selecting a drying cloth A premium microfiber drying towel is recommended as it will be absorbent, will reduce friction and will be soft and gentle on the paint. Meguiar’s Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel (sold separately) reduces drying time with less wring-outs. The extra large 22” x 30” waffle texture wrings out easily and leaves a spot-free finish. Personally, I use a leaf blower to dry my car. The look on my neighbors faces when they see me toting around a big ass leaf blower to dry my whip is too funny. It works though. The best way to prevent swirl marks is to avoid touching the car at all. Try it, you’d be surprised. IT WORKS How-to

  • For best results, ensure car is cool to the touch and in the shade.

  • Rinse surface with water and pour 1 ounce, or 4 capfuls, of Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner into a wash bucket and add 1 gallon of water.

  • Apply to a section with a wash mitt, such as a Meguiar’s Microfiber Wash Mitt, working from the top of the vehicle downward.

  • Rinse off with a gentle stream of water to promote a sheeting action.

  • Work in sections over the vehicle.

  • Wipe off water immediately with a microfiber drying towel or 100% cotton terry towel to prevent water spotting.


This rich foaming soap is also an excellent choice to use with a snow cannon, or foam cannon, at a 5-to-1 mix ratio for washing. Whether washing traditionally with a bucket or with a foam cannon it’s the ideal choice when you begin washing and detailing your car.

5 Star Reviews

The reviews speak for themselves folks. This product has thousands of reviews and over 80% of them are 5 stars!!! One of which is my own review. The way this product applies to my car when I use it so damn satisfying, especially when I hit it with the foam cannon. On top of a quality product, you really can’t beat the price. $8 gets you a 64oz bottle of concentrated suds. One bottle lasts me a few months. That’s around 20 washes.  No water spots. No streaking. All Shine.


This is my go to car wash. Its dollar per dollar quality is unparalleled in my opinion. It will give your car the protection it needs as well as a streak free shine. Go ahead and pick some up today and find out for yourself. Click the link below or the image to the left and you can have it shipped straight to your door in no time. Cheers.


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