Porsche Designs the Next Star Wars Spaceship

In Collaboration with Lucasfilms, Porche Designed a new Tri-Wing Fighter.

Porsche Star Wars Collaboration to Close out the Decade...

A renowned German car manufacturer is teaming up with a blockbuster franchise to design a one of a kind spaceship. Earlier this year, in affiliation with LucasFilm,  to promote the new Star Wars movie to come out soon Porsche was commissioned to create their own unique star fighter.

Behind the Design

Porsche said the collaboration coincides with the U.S. launch of its first fully electric Taycan, which will be the first time Porsche will be venturing into the fully electric territory to compete with the likes of Tesla.

Social Media Sneak Peak

A couple weeks after the original post, Porsche then announced that they were going to be designing a spaceship that will be premiering alongside the film itself.

Other Movie Spaceship Collabs

Now, if you look at the history of car companies involving themselves in movies to design spaceships, you will notice a trend of very ugly designs.

  Lexus designed this dolphin looking spaceship for the Valerian movie a couple years ago and dodge just basically slapped their grill and logo on this ship for the old Fantastic 4 movie.

  Not all of them were terrible though. Bugatti designed a bad ass luxury ship in Elysium that ended up being shot down and destroyed by Matt Damon himself in a gunfight during a heist.

Porsche's Design Language

This collaboration got me curious though, because most people in the car world know Porsche for being incredibly strict with their design language.

  Considering how Porsche’s most popular car, the 911, hasn’t changed much in the 60 years it’s been in production.

So now you take the strict design philosophy of Porsche, and you try to blend that with the franchise that brought you some of the most familiar spaceship designs history, like the X-wing, Tie fighter, and the Millennium Falcon.  Not only are these design languages completely different, the two companies only had 6 weeks total to come up with a design and have it re-imagined in the star wars universe in full beautiful CGI.

 And man did these two companies really pull this off.

Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus

The Official name of the starfigher, is the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus.

 Now, at first glance the ship seems way more star wars than it is Porsche with its large thrusters and very bold geometric shape.

  However, Porsche did a very good job here of including their DNA without completely stripping away the idea that you’d see the Pegasus flying through space getting shot at by tie fighters.

Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus

It wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the design process that I saw but it seems like they took almost direct inspiration from the Porsche 907 Longtail, with its long tapered rear end and racing cockpit shape.

  Also if you look close enough you will notice a direct inspiration from the new Porsche Taycan with the eight headlights up front.

  The cockpit itself though really seems like a copy paste from the seat configuration of a Mclaren F1, which is weird because I would consider Mclaren being a direct competitor to Porsche.

  Perhaps it was a design decision from LucasFilms.

Where to Find the New Star-fighter

Unfortunately this ship will not be in the last installment of the Skywalker saga, although there are hints that this may appear in other areas in the vast Star Wars Cinematic Universe.

  So do you think Star Wars and Porsche was the correct collaboration for a star ship design? Personally, I would be more interested to see Mclaren or Ferarri be involved in designing a ship for a Sith Lord.

  And who knows maybe sometime in the distant future we will see car companies actually take their design aesthetics to space. But for now I think what we have in the car world satisfies my curiosity.

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“May the Porsche be with you.”


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