Tesla Reveals the Cybertruck

A truck from a PS1 game IRL…

The Big Reveal!!!

Elon Musk, a huge fan of the movie Blade Runner, chose the release date of the Cybertruck to commemorate the film of which was set in Los Angels,  November 2019. In typical Tesla fashion, Elon ensured to make a show of the reveal. Here he set the Blade Runner tone with models dressed in the appropriate attire for the era as well as a stage of smoke and red laser lights. There were also a few surprises sprinkled in. 

A Jarring Appearance...

I’m sure no one expected traditional Truck with the standard style cab with a box on the back. However, I don’t think anyone anticipated this Delorean style truck to roll up on stage. It reminds me of what people of the 80’s thought the future of cars would look like. Sort of a step backwards in design if you ask me. From a marketing stand point though, it makes sense. I, as well as many others were hoping for something that maybe had a little more Tesla DNA worked into the design. You won’t find any of that here. 

The  design is mostly comprised of sharp triangles and resemble what a three year old would draw a truck as. There are clever strength attributes to the design though. The stainless steel uni-body design makes the Cybertruck incredibly durable. Tesla is also apparently including some sort of bullet proof glass as well. Though the demo didn’t go so well…


The glass demo was really only a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of things. The stage crew performed another demonstration off to the side to show the Tesla Truck’s window durrability by dropping a heavy metal ball from a great height onto the glass. This glass did NOT even crack. Then the same ball was lobbed at the actual Cybertruck’s glass and, did as glass does, it broke. Elon then says in his defense it didn’t go through. There’s no doubt in my mind, or the droves of people that pre-ordered this thing, that it will have the proper glass installed upon delivery. 

Cyber Quad?

Another interesting surprise of the event was the presentation of some sort of electric ATV.  At this point, not a lot is know about this little Mars explorer, other than it bares a striking resemblance to a Yamaha Raptor 700. The chassis appear to be identical and Yamaha claims they are not affiliated with Tesla on this project. It even maintains a chain drive! This gives me all kinds of crazy ideas and opens up a whole new world of “Tesla Swaps” Elon has said in a tweet that it will come as an option for the Cybertruck and will be able to be charged by the truck’s battery while in the bed. Not a bad idea! Lets hope these quads will be sold separately at some point. 

Price and Pre-Order

Tesla has been known for providing incredible value for their vehicles and the same goes for the Cybertruck. The base single motor config is starting at $39,000, which isn’t far off from the starting price for most trucks from the Big 3 in Detroit. There is an available Dual motor and Tri motor config that do come at an additional cost. 

Tesla is accepting orders right now on their website for a fee of $100. Interesting…

[Order yours here]

There is so much to cover for this new entry into the truck market. Towing complicity, competition, design, ect.

Also, what’s instore for the entire ecosystem of electric vehicles. Not just cars and trucks, but motorcycles and apparently ATVs… What an incredible time for the automotive industry and an even better time for consumers. 

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